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Monday, June 18, 2012


1. What products is the makeup service inclusive of?
I will be providing the following items for makeup service:
1. Moisturizer (to protect the skin from drying out from air conditioning and makeup)
2. Primer (increase the long wear of the makeup)
3. Color correcting (for red patches)
4. Concealing (recently added as I have obtained a suitable concealer wheel)
5. HD powder (to set the base makeup)

6. Contouring
7. Blush
8. Highlighting (if necessary. I prefer a more natural style achieved with just contouring)

9. Eye brow color change (if necessary. Please make the effort to get your eyebrows shaped. I cannot make hair disappear)
10. Eyeshadow (Please indicate 2 to 3 colors that you desire. I will use as many as required, but I need an idea of what you want to achieve)
11. Eyeliner
12. False lash Application (provision of false lash is available, additional charge will apply)

13. Nude lipstick / purple or black lipstick
14. Lip paints


15. Makeup setting spray (increase long wear of the makeup)
16. Sponges
17. Alcohol spray and swabs (for disinfecting the makeup in between clients. I will always disinfect prior to the job and after)
18. Brush cleaner (alcohol based for quick drying so the brushes can be used again quickly)
19. Rhinestones and other accessories.

Yes, it's A LOT of stuff, so $15 or $20 per face is actually VERY LOW price.
Please do not ask me to lower the price.
     * Items not included in this list are subjectable to additional charges.

2. What products is the makeup service exclusive of?
I request these items be provided by yourself, for reasons attached:
1. Foundation and concealer (to ensure the shade fits your skin tone)
2. Mascara/ False lash (for hygiene reasons)
   * For false lash and foundation, I CAN provide but there is additional charges.
   ** There is no guarantee that I will be able to mix foundations to your shade

3. What information should I include when requesting for makeup service?
If you require me to follow a reference picture, please attach a link.
If you have your own makeup you wish me to utilize (for reasons like skin sensitivity or brand boycotting), please state and bring on the day itself.

4. I don't have _____!!!! What should I do?!
If you do not have the items I request you to bring, please inform me beforehand.
I can help with lack of foundation and false lash.
* Mascara will NOT be provided 

5. What kind of makeup can you do?
I can provide a variety of styles.
I typically tailor my makeup service to the taste of the customer. If you do not like obvious sparkling Edward Cullen style, I'll make sure you'll glow reasonably...
1. Natural style
2. Dramatic style (E.g.: stage makeup)
3. Cosplay makeup
4. Prom Makeup
If I am not confident of the makeup, I will inform you. If you are still willing to use my makeup service despite this, I will make my best efforts in practising before your event.

6. How do you charge?
Regular rate: $20/face
This includes:
1. Base makeup service (color correcting, foundation, concealer, contour and blush)
2. Eye makeup service (up to 3 colors of eyeshadow, eyeliner, false lash application)
3. Changing eyebrow color if needed
4. Lip color

Generally, the total price, inclusive of additional charges or discounts will range from $15 to $35, rarely will it go above this range.

7. *sparkly eyes* Any discounts?
I charge a discounted rate for persons aged STRICTLY <16
Student rate: $15
 This service includes:
1. Base makeup service (color correcting, foundation, concealer, contour and blush)
2. Eye makeup service (up to 3 colors of eyeshadow, eyeliner, false lash application)
3. Changing eyebrow color if needed
4. Lip color
Proof of age must be presented if requested.

There are discounts provided in the following events... (ONLY FOR REGULAR RATE) *
1. All makeup and tools is provided by you: Discount of $5 
    Note: Please do not buy 'cheapo' palettes (eg: Rhomlon brand) and expect high quality
              results. I will do my best...
2. Only Eye makeup and Lip color service is required: Discount of $5
3. Large group hiring of makeup service: Discount of up to $15 off total bill **
4. During events, makeup service rates MAY be jacked up due to demand. There will be a
    few slots available for booking at regular and student rates.
* Discounts are NOT cumulative. You will be charged the cheapest price, rest assured.
** Large group hiring is defined as >=4 people. Requires a time frame of at least 
    40 minutes/person.
    And is subject to my availability. Can be applied to student rate.

8. What are these additional charges? **
Additional Charges apply in the following cases:
1. Provision of False eyelash.
    Depending on the quality of lash, different prices will be charged.
    If you require lashes which I do NOT have in stock (e.g.: feather lash), I reserve the right
    to charge transportation fees in acquiring the lash.
    (Cost of false lash can range from $2 to $15, depending on type)
2. Provision of Foundation.
    An arbitrary cost of $2 will be charged, unless I am able to borrow foundation from
    others (i.e.: your friends)
    This is due to the hassle of having to mix foundations to your shade and providing the
    * I do NOT always bring foundations out with me, if you did not bring foundation,
       please inform beforehand to ensure I have something to work with.
3. For additional designs (e.g.: matryoshka face designs)
    Additional cost of up to $15 will be charged, depending on the complexity of the
    If additional designs are required, please state and provide a clear reference picture.
4. Special Effects Makeup (e.g.: scars, blood, burns...etc)
    Additional cost of up to $20 will be charged, depending on the complexity and the type
    of materials used. Please provide a clear reference picture.
5. Late charge.
    Additional charge of $5 may be implemented if you are later than 20 minutes from the
    time we have previously agreed.
    Appointment will be nulled if you are later than 1 hour without informing me.

    ** Note that prices are listed as "up to", the upper end of additional charges have been
        supplied, but are rarely applied.

9. Erm... I just want some cool butterflies and flowers!
Other requests such as face and body art can be commissioned as well.

10. Where do you do makeup?
I am comfortable with doing makeup in public. If you do not mind, I can make a trip to your photoshoot/event location, within reasonable limits.
I will NOT travel all the way to the east to do makeup for ONE person. Large group hiring may be considered.
If I know you personally / have met you before and judged that you aren't a psychopath, I am also fine with you coming to my house for makeup.
This is preferred as I will have my whole supply of makeup to use, instead of the those I packed for traveling.

11. What gives you the right to charge for makeup?!
>< If it bothers you that much, don't apply for this service...
I do NOT claim to be professionally trained.
I declare that I am self taught and do not hold a diploma or degree in cosmetology.
However, I am confident of being able to deliver if I take on a request.

12. Why did I not get a favorable response?
1. Makeup service availability is dependent on MY schedule. I am a student before a
    makeup artist... despite my wilting grades.
2. I reserve the right to refuse a request if I feel that I'm not able to meet expectations.

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