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Thursday, January 17, 2013

#09 - Eyeliner Tips & Tricks

Hey guys,
MIA-ed a tad bit too long...
First week of school is almost over, done with a test that I really couldn't bring myself to study, and...
well... signed my life over to a company for the next 2 years at least.

I know I'll probably miss out a couple of tips here and there, but not to worry, I'll be editing the note asap.
This is one topic that people really ask A LOT.
And I keep overlooking it... Silly me...
Thanks to someone on sgcafe for asking me for help on it and reminding me about this topic.

Soooo... this one is on making things easier for YOU when you do eyeliner.
Tricky lil thing it is, isn't it.... grrr
Let's get started.

#01 - Set up a good environment
Say what? What does this have to do with that?!
Anything and everything, I suppose.

Ok, so basically, this just refers to making sure you have the basics you need before you start, which are:
(a) Eyeliner
(b) Good lighting
(c) A stable surface to rest your elbow on
(d) A mirror, preferably one with a stand.

Why a mirror with a stand? So you can free up the OTHER hand to help you stabilize your eyelid.
You MIGHT need to place the mirror on a box to make it tall enough though...

#02 - Don't hold your breath
What??? Don't you NEED to hold your breath when you concentrate on drawing that line?!
The answer is...

Conversely, holding your breath makes it harder for you to draw your eyeliner.
Well... uhh... it just is.
Nah, when you hold your breath, and concentrate, there is a higher chance of you shaking.
You can't concentrate on keeping both your head and your hand still at the same time.
Holding your breath puts a lot of tension on you and yeah... one of them... is gonna give.

Instead, breathe through your mouth gently, open your mouth slightly.
Strangely, this helps in making you BLINK less as well!!!

#03 - Keep an eraser with you
Ok, now you KNOW I lost a screw... or two...
Who will put an eraser on their face and rub?!

Hold your horses people, give me a chance to explain.
Meh, of course I don't mean an eraser ERASER... those things are for paper... and pencils.

No, what I mean is to get cotton buds.
Yep, cotton buds are amazing, they can help 'fix' mistakes, so you DON'T need to start from scratch again.

Now... thing is...
Different formulations of eyeliner require... different ways of erasing...
So you just have to try the methods below to see if they work, remember if (a) doesn't work, go to (b) and so on.

(a) Use the DRY cotton bud, gently rub at the mistake.
(b) Dampen the cotton bud with tap water, squeeze out excess water. Gently rub at the mistake.
(c) Dampen the cotton bud with WATER-based makeup remover. Gently rub at the mistake.**

After (b) and (c) use the dry end of the cotton bud to absorb excess moisture.

** 2 phase makeup removers are NOT water-based.
If you do not use a water base makeup remover, the residual oils from the makeup remover will eat away at your makeup through the day.

#04 - Look up
Say what? Don't I have to close my eyes?!

Haha... well... yeah you do.
No getting around it. You have to close the eye you are working with...

No, what I mean is... place your mirror to be above eye level.
This FORCES you to tilt your head up and back, so you can see more clearly through the lil silver of space between your eyelids.
When you do this, the lashline is more easily accessed as well, especially for people who have hooded eyelids.
So you can draw the line as close as possible to your eye!

#05 - Choose the type of eyeliner that's more forgiving
Basically... this means... choose one that you can remove mistakes more easily.
Generally, lasting power of eyeliner is: Gel eyeliner > Liquid Eyeliner > Pencil Eyeliner.

Pencil eyeliner can mostly be removed by a dry cotton bud, but tends to smudge and fade quickly.

Most liquid eyeliner can be removed with a damp cotton bud before the eyeliner dries.
Dried waterproof liquid eyeliner may need a cotton bud dampened with water-based makeup remover.

Gel eyeliner... well... generally, they require you to rub harder and sometimes leave a dark smear on the eyelid even if you use the cotton bud with makeup remover.

Hence, you might want to consider using waterproof liquid eyeliner to get the best of both worlds.

#06 - Cheat!
How to get the PERFECT wing?
Well, cheat by using a guide.
I'll not make this note any longer... and I want to promote Youtuber, KlairedelysArt
She has a video about the lil things you can make use of to as a guide.


Well... I hope this helps you people?

Please let me know what other topics I should write about?
Please don't ask for reviews though... I'm not loaded so I basically use brands from Watsons. Unless it's something I really want from the US...

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