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Saturday, October 20, 2012

#04 - Color Correcting

Quite the odd topic this time around.
Color correcting isn't necessary for basic makeup, but... there are many misconceptions about it.
So this short note is to rectify those misconceptions.

Firstly, let's go through what color correctors are.
  • Color correctors are usually cream products
  • Exceptions are moisturizers and makeup bases which have color tints
  • Come in a variety of colors, for various uses (see below for more information!)
  • MUST be matte. If there is shimmer in it, you can't use it as a color corrector

Next, let me list the misconceptions that I have heard before:
  • Color correctors are concealers
  • Color correctors will erase my pimples / dark eye circles
  • Color correctors can help reduce pimples / dark eye circles

So let's correct those misconceptions.

1. Color correctors are concealers
Color correctors are not concealers.
You will DEFINITELY need to use either your foundation (medium to full coverage) or a concealer the SAME shade as your foundation over it.

Color correctors are used to neutralize your 'discolorations'.
This means that they will hide the red or bluish tint from your pimples or dark eye circles and scars
Of course, you must use the correct color of the color corrector for each type.

How to choose what color of color corrector to use:
1. First look that the area (pimple, scar or dark eye circle) and determine what color undertone it has.
       - Generally, pimples have a red undertone, dark circles have a blue undertone, but scars can have various undertones.
2. Choose color based on the guide below
       - Red undertone      --> Green color corrector
       - Blue undertone      --> Orange / yellow color corrector (orange is the BEST though)
       - Yellow undertone   --> Purple color corrector
     *** Basically, google "color wheel" and look for the color that is OPPOSITE the color undertone that you've identified.

2. Color correctors will erase my pimples / dark eye circles
This one usually means that you can't see the pimples or dark eye circles after makeup is complete...
This is obviously not true.
As above, they only act to neutralize discolorations.
IF you were to use them without foundation or concealer, you would definitely end up with a patch of whitish-green or orange around the area.

Furthermore, they are NOT magical wonderous creations able of masking contours.
Pimples are usually raised and WILL cast a shadow.
While, dark eye circles CAN be puffy and can also cast a shadow.
These shadows will still be there.
Of course, there is a method of using concealer to help mask these, but it's a pain in the ass to explain in words.

3. Color correctors can help reduce pimples / dark eye circles
This one...
All I can really say is... there is no scientific evidence that any color correcting product can do such things.
Of course, maybe some product may contain some naturally derived compounds capable of such actions, and I have no intention to test a gazillion products to let you know about them...

But, just saying, I'm an advocate of using Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Oil) for treatment of wounds and pimples.
Tea Tree Oil has antibacterial effects.
It smells like shit and the fumes sting my eyes sometimes, but things heal faster with it for me.
So... maybe you can try using that instead of relying on... dubious claim / misconception of color correctors.

Regarding eyes...
Well, not really for dark eye circles, but... for puffy eyes though...
Put a spoon into the fridge for at least 30 minutes (not the freezer please!)
Then gently press on your eye.
I've tested it out ONCE. I didn't like the cold sensation on my eye... People who know me personally would know I hate the cold...

Alternatives you can try is to use a mixture of Tea Tree Oil AND Rose Oil and rub it all over your face (avoid your eyes!)
I've done this quite a few times, it's really oily... seriously, but it's good.
You get the antibacterial effect of the tea tree oil, but it's not so concentrated to make your eyes water.
AND you get good moisturizing effect of the the Rose Oil.
If only rose oil weren't half as expensive as it is....
*Of course, only do this at night...

Hope this makes sense and helps some people

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