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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012!

This year I had the opportunity AND time to actually do something for Halloween.
Had planned on being a Shinigami for a while, borrowed a cloak and did my best with the makeup!

Went down to Clarke Quay on Saturday with some friends.
I totally didn't expect there to be festivities there.
Streets were filled with people, some had gruesome rotting flesh, some just put on a mask... etc

Cosplayers were there too.
Halloween is to SCARE people... trust me, Naruto and Ichimaru Gin ain't scaring no one.

Best part was while walking on the crowded street, I turned around to look for my friends (slow pokes!) and scared the crap out of the person behind me.
Ok, so she didn't take a dump, but she sure as hell jumped pretty high.

^^ some dude in a demon skull doggy costume was kind enough to take pics with me.
Absolutely <3<3 his mask.
The mouth part opens and closes!!!

On actual Halloween, i.e.: today, I went to school in almost the same costume.
Ok, I swapped the black dress for black shirt and charcoal grey pants (><" no black pants anymore...)
and I freehand drew the makeup without references....
So yeah... I managed to cut down the makeup time by 40mins, of course, the makeup wasn't exactly the same either.

All in all, Halloween was a blast!
AND my 1st attempt at using Mehron Clown White was pretty good!
I kept thinking... "ehhh not even le", "why still like orange-ish" until I realised my room light was orange... OTL

I sacrificed quite a bit of gel eyeliner for this, but oh well... makeup can't last forever...
When I first bought the pot I was wondering how on earth I could finish it... cos I would want to try OTHER types/brands

Tis was very fun!!!
But alas... my first Halloween might really be my last...
there's no way a Hospital would let me dress up and scare patients.... OTL


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